Sunday, July 25, 2010

I have another blog

yes, yet another one.

Gwen Notes will be personal and misc stuff.

One Writer (do not put a period between the www and the word "one"-- that blog belongs to someone else. Literature stuff. Hope to move links over there once I figure out how 'cause it has a different template than this blog.

Teddy Hugs & Things - my bear business

my daughter's iPhone

is so cool. Great games and the chance to create your own alien == this is mine:

Civil Rights

There is an exhibit at Antioch College-- Freedom Summer in Mississippi.

I will post pics/info tomorrow 'cause I have to credit some people.

Other Yellow Springs misc

There were three hearses parked at this one house. I thought I'd found the last phone booth in America but it was promoting an art website, flowers were everywhere and I saw a deer crossing the street. Couldn't get the camera phone out in time, but I had a chance to photograph probably a deer carcass.

A gorgeous hippie town-- you can tell by the car with all the stickers!

Glen Helen in Yellow Springs