Tuesday, October 31, 2006

No, I didn't fall off the face of the earth & other misc. ramblings

Life suddenly decided it had something instead of what I'd planned in store for me. Tomorrow, I am catapulted out of New Mexico but I ain't going nowhere near Vermont:(

Life decided to take me elsewhere--WEST and to the one place (southern states aside) that I said I would never ever never ever never never never never live--Ha! What a sense of humor Life has! Anyway, I know some of the reasons--another one given to me just today -- so I'm okay with it. In fact I'm actually looking forward to this. I am going to choose to believe that I am where I am supposed to be for whatever reasons. No real snowmen for me this year (Hobby Lobby ornament aisle, here I come) but I'll get to fence again and that so thrills me. En guard!


John Kerry is right! That fucking Congress has renegotiated financial aid so that those who most need a college education can't get much government money to do so but the U.S. will damn well support your ass if you put it on the line in Iraq (but for only as long as you stay alive--that's the only catch.)


I hate the Dallas Plowboys but that was a great game against Carolina. They certainly pulled that one out. Panther mistakes (and man were there A LOT!!!!) didn't hurt--HA!!!!-they helped.

Wish I could have been the one comforting Jake Delhomme ;-P


Next year, N.Y Mets.


Still plugging away on those stories. Few in submission. I'm going to just do a horrendously massive submission when I've got a real huge chunk of them done. Just writing and finding that sometimes I just surprise myself with what I can do.


A story of mine "Los Prisioneros Pequenos (The Little Prisoners)" is going to be available through the Amazon Short program. Look for it and read it. Course you'll have to buy it first;-P