Sunday, March 24, 2013

Random stuff

Denzel was robbed at the Oscars!   Loved "Flight"-- that man Mr. Washington is da bomb. 

The world is CRAZY!!!!!!!   I've been told a few times that things in some of  my stories aren't believable, but if you look at the news all kinds of UNBELIEVABLE stuff happens.  Life is so much stranger than fiction. WHY WHY WHY do people  hurt children?

Beyonce is so overrated.  I can't believe Oprah and The First Lady have fallen for it.

I've been reading and I have a "real" job and a new grandchild/daughter

Let's start with the new granddaughter.

Absolutely adorable.

Then I have a full-time job that I love most of the times.  I didn't opt out in the time allotted so now I have a 401k and I've got insurance.

Don't let the GOP fool you-- health insurance is a necessity and could easily be paid for if people had a living wage and not a minimum one.  Executives and CEOs could take a pay cut or not so many bonuses so the people doing the grunt work could survive.  but I've digressed---

Mostly I've been spending my free time reading.  I've got old literary journals, some of them no longer around, like Bananafish and Other Voices, and I refuse to take these journals into another year unread.  Some are old--

How old?

In one story a woman goes to a phone booth to make a call -- that's how old they are.  I've also bee reading some short story collections and the stories in the Harpers magazines that just keep stacking up.