Sunday, September 14, 2008

Creativity quote for 9-14-08

Learn to see, and then you'll know there is no end to the new worlds of our vision.

-- Carlos Castaneda

Quote for 9-14-08

We cannot really love anybody with whom we never laugh.

--Agnes Repplier


I am this close to finishing a story I love.

Hopefully tomorrow. Maybe tonight. Just got off work and haven't quite assessed how tired I am.

I'll know after I take the shoes off. . .

Friday, September 12, 2008

I said I'd write today

I must get to that.

Have a grand one:)

I really don't want to talk much more politics

but . . .

if John McCain won, Sarah Palin could resign from the office of vp, couldn't she?

She could step down now, citing her family's needs and such and no one would be really upset. It would probably be seen as a very supportive thing to do.

But she could do the very same thing AFTER a GOP win, right?

I've got to stop thinking on this, but I really think John McCain's trying to pull a fast one.

She was underaged

so I had to be there with my daughter so she could get a tattoo.

While she was getting it, I hung out in the waiting room (needles, shiver) and amused myself with the stripper pole in the middle of the room. I went through the album with tattoo examples and flipped through the tatoo magazines.

In the magazines, in every photo of a woman, be it an ad, a picture accompanying an article or a woman as a tatoo, someone had taken a black marker and X out the eyes and drew a dark line ____________ across the mouth.

I was intrigued and bothered. I asked the tatoo artist about it and he confessed that he had done it.

"I have issues with women," he said.

Uhm, apparently.

sleeping beauty

okay, just one picture with your nephew

Noah, don't you wake that baby up!

it took awhile to get him quiet.

Do you think someone at Coke reads my blog?

'Cause I posted how difficult it was to navigate the website and there's this email in my box

sender/subject line:

My Coke Rewards Gwen, enter codes the way that works best for you - it's easy Sat, 9/6/08

heh heh

nah, coincidence, right?

Actually the only thing I want to know from the Coke people is if they put the "for whites only" sign on this machine.

Interesting, huh? I may just have to become a full-fledged Pepsi drinker.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

And if I were choosing a side (it would be symbolic)

** OBAMA 08**

Okay, I'm not a liberal ( a message for Tyler)

an independent or nothing.

Registered to vote 1st time when George W. Bush was running for his second term and I wanted to put in my symbolic "no."

If you read your Bible, you would understand that the governments are in the hands of the devil (otherwise he couldn't have offered them to Jesus) so believing that man-made governments are going to act in your best intersts is a little far-fetched.

Governments can keeep order, but they can't legislate good behavior, fairness, morals, etc. and those are the things that make or break your spirit.

In America, since I've been aware of politics, it seems there has always been the lesser of two evils at work; the Republican party used to be the Democratic party (Civil War History here/ if you know it you'll know what I'm talking about)but that's changed.

I dislike hypocrites and the GOP just wears that badge to the nth degree. I doubt most of them have ever read their bibles 'cause the party ideaology would be quite different if they did. They love ideas but they don't give a shit about people.

Abstinence? Then why the anticipated grandchild? If Sarah Palin wasn't ashamed of her daughter (and her failed ideaology) then why did Juno, I mean, Bristol have to hold the baby with the blanket covering her belly area? And Sarah Palin hasn't a clue if she thought that her ENTIRE life was not going to be opened for public consumption--'cause that's what we do here in America. Seriously, is that just dumb or what?

What I was saying about John McCain is that surely he is aware that he's old and unless you're on his medical team, nobody knows the true condition of his health, so if he's not looking to be around soon why not fuck with us (the USA)? Have you ever seen how angry this man can get at a hat's drop? He is rude and petty. Go to YouTube, see for yourself. It appears to me that he is like a child who, when not getting his way, throws a temper tantrum.

Please, John McCain is a little boy trying to prove himself to his father and grandfather. They were Admirals, he was not. Hell, he graduated at the bottom and he crashed several planes. But, ah, if he could be president! And it doesn't matter if they are dead-- issues with parents can reach beyond the grave.

Anyway, if he's president for a little while, he was still president, and I think that's all that matters to him.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Creative quote for 9-5-08

Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!

--Dr. Seuss

Quote for 9-5-08

Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow. It's what sunflowers do.

-- Helen Keller

Okay, I can't believe it's time to buy a new calendar


enjoying my last days of freedom

okay, of laziness. I go back to work next week. Monday morning, although that's just for paperwork stuff. Returning to the place I worked at before-- I consider myself having a three-month vacation. Different department, more pay, less days.

but it's not really a different department 'cause I worked there years ago, got a promotion that moved me to a different department as a supervisor and then I quit. (well, there's more to the story but in the end, I did leave.)

but I'm back AGAIN, third time, we'll have to see how long it lasts.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Creative quote for 9-4-08

It is wise to learn; it is God-like to create.

--John Saxe

Quote for 9-4-08

When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.

--Victor Frankl

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Writing quote for 9-2-08

Get on with it. Don't wait for the Muse to visit.

—Bill O'Hanlon

Quote for 9-2-08

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.

-- Marcel Proust

It's not a movie, it's an event

This young woman two seats over from me didn't know about The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Is it scary, she asked the young man she came with.

He (sitting by me) told her no, that it was campy.

She didn't understand but he encouraged her to just wait and see what happened.

She kept making comments that made it clear she had no clue so she got squirted exra with the water gun, well, just because. . .

heh heh

There are evidently people who do this thing often. Inhibition wears off quickly if you want to have fun and it was.
I'd forgotten about the toast and there were some other props I didn't know existed but you could buy a goodie bag so you were completely prepared. Movie-goers in costume, men in ladies' underwear, boas for door prizes but I didn't win one:(

John McCain giving the GOP (and America) the bird

So I was away from the computer and all sources of the media so I had no idea what's been happening in the world and evidently MUCH!!!

I had given McCain's choice more thought and I figured I had a very good argument; now I'm sure of it.

Everyone has a story. In our heads, we are our own heroes and we have qualities that we love and qualities that we don't love so much and those we try to ignore. We write this story and see ourselves ending up somewhere, in a place that validates and vindicates us. We of course have to develop as a character to get us there.

Sometimes that doesn't happen.

This is what I think is going on with McCain.

First he is an old man. Do you know what men do at this time in their lives, 70 years old and such? They face their mortality. I don't know the theorist's name right now but my master's thesis was on this very thing: the last stage of life is integrity vs. despair-- you accept your life for what it was or you despair over it.

John McCain has always been the son and grandson of heroes. He graduated at the bottom of his class, crashed a few planes and ended up a POW and his value came from being "Somebody's son."

He and the media created this hero, this maverick image and he's tried to live up to it. The only place for him to go-- the very top-- being a white man and such is the presidency. Running the government of the wealthiest and sometimes very powerful nation in the world.

He wanted it and the GOP gave it to Bush. Don't know if it's true but I read that he was once in discussion with Kerry about being his vp. If that's true, then that shows how badly he wanted it.

Okay, so no one, not Hillary, not McCain, not the GOP was counting on Obama. So the story's changed.

And now John McCain is facing something he didn't have to face. He and Obama are pretty much even, and the polls are just a representative; we really won't know any numbers 'til that Wednesday morning, so maybe John McCain has decided he's tired ( maybe he recognizes that he really is old-- I mean Paris Hilton said so) and he doesn't want to fight.

He picks someone who clearly is unqualified and has some issues of her own that need her attention.

If he wins and something happens to him, (and she remains the vp pick) then America is screwed 'cause she won't know what to do.

If he loses, then the GOP loses.

To hell with you America-- you didn't recognize him for who he was and reward him with the presidency.
To hell with you Republicans, you never gave me what I wanted 'til it was too late.

Middle finger up in the air.