Wednesday, June 02, 2010


a collage of me that a photographer friend made from some photos she once took of me for a class project. No, you'll never see the nudes.

The giraffe I drew at the Frist Center in Nashville. An art gallery/museum, it has a room for children to draw. Sat down at the chair-easel (and I fit! damn this shortness). Thought I'd draw a bear, then decided a cow and somehow it became a giraffe.

All the other images are from 25-30 years ago. I never showed anyone outside the one drawing class I took my stuff but I'm going to inflict it on you now. And in the days, weeks, hell maybe I'll have no mercy and carry on for months to come;-)!

There is a drawing of a woman with a box. It says "gwen's portable on the go books, autographs, bears & other stuff shop thingy"--ha! that's by my artist friend Jim Herrera-- he's a serious artist though. I've got this cat sculpture he did. That drawing, he was making fun of me.

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