Saturday, October 16, 2010

I'm tired but I've got sh--, er, stuff to move

Stayed up late/got up early to finish some bears for the Farmer's Market. Packed the truck last night (that was my father's) with stuff. When I went to go pack the car and go to the Market,this morning, thought I had a flat tire (it was just really low). Had to unpack the truck-- books are so freaking heavy when you're in a hurry -- and then pack all the bear stuff, tables and chair.

Not even bothering to take it off now that I'm back. Just repacked all the stuff I took off earlier around the containers with bears. The hope is to get everything out of my parent's house tonight. (I've been staying with my mother since my father died.)

This week I will start to empty the storage unit. Take moving stuff out of there a day at a time or at least till Oct. 31 'cause otherwise I'll have to pay another month's storage!

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