Saturday, November 27, 2010

channeling my inner Nicey Nash

The plan is to travel lighter-- literally and figuratively.

Gave away some stuffed bears and much of the snowman collection. Have 16 plastic containers that I will go through again (that number is knocked down from 20) and see if it all is truly necessary.

I've had a lesson lately in what I choose to carry around, hold onto and I really need to, literally and figuratively, let go.

The up side of this is, of course, that when you let go and there's an empty space, something always comes in to claim it. Like when you clear off your desk and before you know it, there's stuff there again.

Like that, but this year I've learned so much about what I carry around, both figuratively and literally, that I've had to make some choices, still have to make some choices, but the goal is to have what matters, what truly has meaning for me, what brings joy, beauty, laughter, whatever into my life claim that space. Hold onto those things. Yeah, that.

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