Friday, July 15, 2011

a dream come true

I may have a temporary job at a new Barnes & Noble. The bookchain took over the university bookstore some years ago and they have built this gloriously huge new store and they're hiring. I've got a little bit of time before I leave so I filled out an application to do some temporary work and when I called to check on it, the woman on the phone said she'd transfer me to the manager hiring who happened to have the exact name of a guy I know who worked for Barnes & Noble in the mall who'd previously worked at Waldenbooks anf for whom I'd review and promote books for their monthly discussion group.

Turns out he was one in the same.

Oh, yes I worked the "you know me" angle. Talked to him today and it is seems possible. Employees get a 35% discount on books.

I have always wanted to work at a bookstore. I applied at B Dalton's once but that didn't happen. I worked at the library but it's not the same; 'cause you can have 150 overdue library books in your dorm but eventually you're gonna have to return them;-)

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