Monday, April 30, 2012

28 days and counting

Running around, running around. Saying goodbye, returning things. I'm so last minute but at least I'm predictable. An eye appt. Closing up the bear business in NM -paying the taxes. Reading and returning the library books. Get my hair cut again. Grandchildren to hug. The list is not endless, though, and everything I cross off gets me thismuchcloser to New England:)


khartley said...

Long ago the ship that was me, bumped into the ship that was you - a glancing blow in the current of life. I was smart aleck and thoughtless and I annoyed you. In a testament to the power of a single encounter… I have learned to give thought to how something I say might be interpreted. If we had met in other circumstances, we might have been friends…congrats on the job!

GJM said...

Maybe the circumstances are different and we can be friends.

Nonetheless, it is the moments that define our lives and if we were fortunate enough to share one (and whatever happened helped me get to the places I've been and to the place I want to be) then I'm willing to be grateful for it, no matter what.