Sunday, March 24, 2013

I've been reading and I have a "real" job and a new grandchild/daughter

Let's start with the new granddaughter.

Absolutely adorable.

Then I have a full-time job that I love most of the times.  I didn't opt out in the time allotted so now I have a 401k and I've got insurance.

Don't let the GOP fool you-- health insurance is a necessity and could easily be paid for if people had a living wage and not a minimum one.  Executives and CEOs could take a pay cut or not so many bonuses so the people doing the grunt work could survive.  but I've digressed---

Mostly I've been spending my free time reading.  I've got old literary journals, some of them no longer around, like Bananafish and Other Voices, and I refuse to take these journals into another year unread.  Some are old--

How old?

In one story a woman goes to a phone booth to make a call -- that's how old they are.  I've also bee reading some short story collections and the stories in the Harpers magazines that just keep stacking up.

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