Sunday, September 25, 2005


* * * *

I love doing laundry. I don’t check pockets though.

I remind my children of this; still my son’s wallet has gone through a few spin cycles and my daughters have the cleanest lip gloss tubes in town.

Any money I find, I keep. This past week, I banked $1.65.

* * * *

My writing goal for the last days of September and the month of October is to clear out the 20+ stories I’ve been ignoring.


Complete a 1st draft of:

The First Time and The Very Last Time
A Baptist In Texas
Buzzard’s Roost
Lily, In Bloom
Jack’s Old Place
Gangsta Luv
One Shot, One Kill
Winner Take All
Soldier Boy

Revise and submit:

Eagle Soar
All God’s Children
Andre’s Rap
Children On A Leash
Where I’ll Be If I’m Not There

Tweak and submit:

The Cleaning Lady
Ernestine Watson’s Girl
Cedar Rain
Tatters ~ A Monologue
What I’m Payin’ You For
The Father Of the Bride

* * * *

The Whole Enchildada Fiesta ends today.

It used to be that my children and I would attend the circus and the fiesta most Septembers.

At the circus, we’d sneak canned sodas in and we’d share dishes of nachos ‘cause that was the cheapest food sold. Sometimes we were able to buy a lighted sword or the flashlight and join in the festivities when the lights were turned off.

At the fiesta, my kids were allowed to buy one thing at any given booth and to get on one maybe two rides. We played the games that charged a quarter and walked away with all the trinkets we could get.

We didn’t have money, but we had memories.

This year, my children had no interest in the circus.

They went with their friends to the fiesta.

I was able to give them enough money to have a really nice time.

Though I was glad that I could provide that for them, it still felt sad. Like when I had to get rid of the bathtub toys, I knew that life had brought another change and that it was time to cry.

* * * *

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