Sunday, August 16, 2009

the day is done

got no writing done

got some submissions off-- reprints of stories that have fallen off the web. I have about 40 that have. Don't think I'll be able to get them all republished but I'm gonna try for as many as possible.

am going to eat and then finish some bears

Need to take some more to the florist shop. that's working out.

Got an email from an inn in Vermont. They have a fall foliage special going. I have never seen leaves go from any color other than green to brown in NM so I'm looking forward to the trip. Just need to decide on the dates so I can ask for time off. Anyway I brought that up 'cause the inn has a bear-related name and I just might take a few with me. hmmmm

Tiger hasn't won yet but he hasn't lost yet either. I wish it were over already.

I got a new book:

think I'm gonna add reading to my to-do list and then head to bed. Adios.

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