Monday, January 10, 2011

I was in the paper weeks ago

A piece about New Year's Resolution. I said my only resolution was to get to Vermont.

I ran into people I knew and they'd comment that they saw me. This morning my supervisor mentioned that she'd seen it and asked when I was leaving. Not this semester, she said with a laugh because the spring term starts on Thursday.

I told her not until the fall and added that I was planning to talk to her about teaching an online course and she said yes.

She would love to keep me on.


Get certified (Ive begun some courses; technology's not so scary after all.LOL!) and it's a done deal. I would have the freedom to return to Las Cruces to meet with my class(es)-- you can come once a month, every three weeks, whatever works for you, my supervisor said.

Sweet, sweet serendipity.

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