Saturday, February 19, 2011

misc random & catching up

Read this afternoon. That is always fun. Working on a reading in Delaware.

Reynolds Price, a favorite, has died:(

Usually don't stay up late for anything but Law & Order Marathons but last night I stayed up to catch Dwight Howard (a favorite-favorite)on the Tonight Show. He is such a cutie. Hope his All-Star team wins.

Have secured a class for the fall semester-- online -- while I'm living outside of NM. Have several training sessions to complete but I won't have to sweat the job-hunting scene and I can pay rent/mortgage. And eat. And buy books. The important stuff.

There was snow at the beginning of the month and cold temperatures. Electricity generators froze and there were rolling blackouts. School was cancelled and the city and surrounding areas shut down for 3-4 days. A lesson: Have a propane heater, have non-perishables to eat and enjoy staying in bed with a book.

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