Wednesday, February 09, 2011


Paid off the line of credit I had at a credit union. Am going to work with this financial counselor in regards to my credit report and just becoming a bit more financial savvy. Still getting information on houses in Vermont-- I'm over the moon about one but it was built in 1927 and I'm wanting my-very-own-never-lived-in-before-by-anybody house.

Getting my life organized. Taking cues from "Clean House" and "Hoarders," I have been going through and tossing and giving away. My mother never put much value on creative expressions that we brought home from school so I saved most everything my children (yes, all seven of them) ever made, wrote or drew. Had these special boxes (Forever Keeps,it said across the top) that I had their stuff in. Went through it and picked out the very cutest/sweetest things and offered each a chance to pick whatever before the rest went into the trash. Macaroni art does not look well after 20 years or so. Travel light. That is my goal. Went through the cassette tapes got rid of a lot of them. Kept only 4 purses and the rest hasta la vista.
--The shoes. Oh, no, not a one pair gone. I will travel light but I will do it in heels;-)

So part of the organization is getting stuff where it needs to go. Containment, read: bookshelves. Finally. Every book on a shelf. Hallelujah. Now to start reading them.

Have not been writing and slowly I have acquired rejections for most of the photographs. I was in a store and the cashier asked if I was the person in the newspaper. "You write books," she said. I replied that was me, but really I'm that person who starts books and doesn't finish them! I really need to get back to writing.

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