Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Brand spanking new year

Tabula rasa is my favorite thing to say this time of year.  Clean slate in latin.

A whole new page.  I will get back to this blog -- just really working on some writing projects I would like to see completed before 2014 gets here.

In the meantime, I hope you write wonderful things on that new page of yours!


Anonymous said...

well? We're waiting. ;-)

Emma Briant said...

I just wanted to tell you your story in Literary Orphans was truly wonderful. Tore me up! BRILL :)
Take it you're not on facebook or twitter? I couldn't track you down!

Anonymous said...

what? did you forget you had a blog? lol

GJM said...

Chris-- the wait is over though I'm sure I'm not here for long.

Emma-- Thanks for the read/comments:) I am not on Facebook but I am on Twitter-- @gwjomi- though I'm there even less than this blog ;-) Again thanks!

Anon--I can't remember if I forgot.