Sunday, February 23, 2014

Black History Month-- This one's celebrating non-Negros

I recently met Paul Salzman who (I found when I did a little research) is pretty famous as a director and photographer.  I went to see a film he did and listen to his talk because he'd been a part of Freedom Summer  and I wanted to make contact with him because I want to write something about that.

Anyway, he was one of the many Whites who put their lives on the line for change.  Their presence kept media attention on the Civil Rights battle and the atrocities that accompanied it.  Some blacks were bitter (understandably) that a different value was placed on a White life as opposed to a Black one (sadly, that has not changed), still, those White people and the abolitionists before did the right thing.

They helped change Black History and so here's a shout out for Mr. Salzman and all those who know it truly is about our character and not our color.

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