Sunday, December 20, 2009

I like Christmas time

prices like no other. Scratch the panini grill off my wish list 'cause there's one on sale!

A couple of things I do this time of year, but I haven't got them done (though one I possibly said I wasn't going to do anymore.)

There are these cookies I love that are available only at Christmas. When I worked at Target, I bought boxes and boxes and boxes of them 'cause I got a discount. I was eating Christmas cookies well into March, heh heh. Gonna go in search of them tomorrow.

The other thing, the one I should probably let go, is moose hunting. I know I saw a pattern for one when I was at Jo-Anne's or Hobby Lobby so maybe I'll make my own this year or maybe I'll just stop 'cause I've got several -- not nearly as many bears I own (you don't want to khow how many I've bought since I've been here) and maybe that is just okay, Gwendolyn.

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