Wednesday, December 09, 2009

I was out having breakfast the other day and "Believe" by Brooks and Dunn came on. (Don't know it? Head to youtube) Anyway, it made me think of my grandmother who died in December and I started crying.


I thought about leaving but I didn't want to waste my french toast stix and the eggs (my cholestrol level is excellent so why not) or the bacon (a treat- I've been real good about taking the blood pressure medicine) but I could not get a grip and stop the bawling.

I miss my kids, my grandkids. I'm worried about my parents and I wonder how long before I see them again.

I feel so out of place here-- have no idea why I thought I could do this (okay, that's a lie- I know why but was it reason enough Gwendolyn?) I don't regret anything but on the other hand I do. This place is not where I belong or want to be.

Days now, crying on and off like I'm a baby -- man, it is so time to go home.

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