Sunday, August 15, 2010

So tomorrow finally came

I said I'd post that exhibit info much earlier and I cannot believe that so much time has slipped by but yeah, it has. Anyway the information is posted now.

Let me finish up my trip to Ohio-- I have to thank a few people I met who helped me: Bruce Smith, Jim Brooks, Cyndi Pauwels, and Joe Shannon. Thank you thank you thank you:) And a shout out to my new friend Jessica K!

You can go over to my writing blog wwwonewriter.blogspot (no period after the www) to find out what happened at the pitch session with an agent and other workshop news. But don't go over there now 'cause I've got to go and I can only update this blog right now.

So I was saying that I've been busy. Making bears which you can see over at and looking for a job which I found-- I'm going back to teaching at a college; senior year for my twins and the-last-ones-at-home. Come May when they graduate, we are planning to go overseas for one last adventure together. Looking for a place. Have found a piano teacher. Now to get a piano. . .

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Jessica said...

Hey!!! Am super happy to have met you and look forward to our continued friendship. Will definitely check out your other website!