Saturday, December 11, 2010

and so it begins. . .

When I was trying to get to Vermont before, people who could help me found their way into my life.

So it is again.

An editor who'd published me read my blog and emailed that she was in New Hampshire, included a phone number.

I told some friends of mine about my move (they'd only previously heard about me wanting to go to St. Louis) and it turns out they have a friend in Vermont. In the very city I want to live in.

Hopefully both will become part of my support system. I don't want to be out in the cold alone:-)

I anticipate more serendipitous events. I have complete faith I will get to Vermont and TO PUT DOWN ROOTS. This time I will get there.

This time, though, I just gotta avoid getting arrested again! LOL!


J.Argyle said...

Wait- what???

GJM said...


One day I will have to tell you THAT story;-)