Thursday, December 30, 2010

The streets of San Francisco

This a view from the plane when I was heading back from San Francisco in March of this year.

Went for an awards ceremony. Great fun. Didn't stay in the downtown area like I had before. Nearer to the airport. Catching the bus line to downtown, I asked this guy for directions on using the bus system. He volunteered to show me where I was trying to go. But first he insisted we eat hot dogs-- he had a polish one that he offered me a bite from. uhm, no thanks, I've got mine--at Costco.

There was a car show going on-- I love old cars. An affinity for Chevy's 'cause they remind me of that little car on the back of the Little Golden Books I had as a child. Like Ford Fairlanes too.

There was also a rally going on. Protesting war and a variety of other things.

I love the architecture there. One day I will have to share my first experience of San Fran and post the pics from it.

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