Thursday, December 30, 2010

Quote for 12-30-10

Find out who you are and do it on purpose.

-- Dolly Parton


Lari said...

My name is Lari Chandler Tanner. I am a writer and was surfing Blogspot for other writers when I saw your blog! I went to school with a Gwen Mintz from Las Cruces, New Mexico and was wondering if you are one and the same!? We attended Alameda Jr. High and Mayfield High school together! We had a math class, AlgebraII together to name a few classes we had together...she sat behind me and we laughed till our cheeks hurt most days! I thought she was witty and very smart! If it's you, HI!! If not and my apologies. Good luck to you and congrats on being a writer!

Lari Tanner

GJM said...

It is me. Looked you up in the yearbooks-- I remember you!

Hello, hello.

Lari said...

YEAH!! That's so cool!

So good to see you! I guess I didn't leave a lasting impression if you had to go look me up! :) heh, heh...

You are adorable, and I did see the pics of your kids, they are gorgeous! I am on Facebook and am friends with Marla Cooper and Sandra Nunez, do you remember them?We were talking just the other day about how much fun we had in math class!

Now you must tell me how you started writing! Do you have an older sister? I think her name was Gail? I can't remember! Oh, it's just SO great to find you!! I hope you are ok with me corresponding with you!?

My email is if you'd like to correspond in that way. I'd love to talk shop (writing, books) with you sometime! Thanks so much for messaging me back!

Happy New Year!!


GJM said...

I will write you:)