Thursday, September 30, 2010

El Paso, Tejas -- otra vez

Had to go back to El Paso. Again, not good with scheduling time. Hauling A** down the interstate 'cause I had to teach at 12 noon and I was on Lee Trevino at 11. Back on campus parked where I shouldn't have, grabbed my book with the room code ['cause we were in the computer lab and it's locked so people don't walk off with computers] and I Ran! Got my class journaling and then I went back in search of a parking space. Too close.

Anyway passed by my old house and the Mervyns (now closed) where I used to spend my time and my old boyfriend's money. Had I more time, I would have gone to the zoo [I used to looooooooooooove going there], but I had to get to my class.

Going to do that drive one more time-- go to Office Depot and get my writing room furniture and I'll go early morning, on the weekend. Miss all that traffic and construction.

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