Monday, September 27, 2010

Whew! What a day!

I had to go to El Paso, got a late start and then spent much more time than I expected there. Had the appt. for the tutoring position so I was driving like a madwoman down the interstate. It has been a really long time, maybe 8 years, that I've driven on the interstate and I wasn't missing a thing! Still I got done what I needed to get done and that's all that matters.

Made the interview though I forgot to take a second piece of writing. No matter, the coordinator was highly impressed with my publication record. Had to do a creative exercise with her and I momentarily froze 'cause sometimes I'm not good at spontaneity. But whatever, she hired me. Much of the interview was spent talking Civil Rights Movement-- she was surprised/impressed to find that I knew something about Rosa Parks that isn't generally known that she also knew. She said something about that information needing to be known and something inside me said, 'Get on it, Gwen" 'cause I think I'm supposed to set the record straight or just inform people about some things I've learned-- the way things really happened.

Found out that my pay is still wrong and I'll see another 100 bucks/month in pay and after this semester, I'll hit the next level of pay and I've been asked if I want to teach in the spring (which doesn't mean I will; generally adjunct faculty don't even think about teachng 'cause the full-time faculty get all the classes but just being asked means something).

Crazy day but a good one.

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