Monday, September 13, 2010

I can't have a cat or plants

My daughters had an intervention with me. Said when we move, I can't go all jungle crazy.

And though I've been scouring the thrifty nickel for kittens, I am going to have to bypass pets. I went to dinner on Friday and in discussing my future plans, I realized that I truly do want to just bounce around when my children graduate and (as my friend Joe says) "live interesting lives elsewhere." I can't bring pets and plants into my life now 'cause I'd have to get rid of them later:(


Anonymous said...

Wow, there's an opposite. I am glad to be settled. And have my cat. But I do get it, and darn smart of you. Wouldn't be fair to the cats.

So have an itinerary yet?

GJM said...

Again, you and the curiousity.

I'm going to go here
and then there
and there
maybe there
there and
most definitely there

Anonymous said...

What, the curiousity bugs? I can't be curious? Even a little?

I'm here right now, and it's not bad. ;-)

Safe travels dear