Monday, September 13, 2010

just when you think it can't get any worse

several things in my life have come to a halt-- the house,the car-- 'cause I may not be getting paid this week. I was a late hire and there's a process, and the process for me might have taken too long to get me $$$ on the 15th. If so, I won't get paid until the 30th.


And there was a problem with my w-4 and someone was correcting it, but that was unacceptable so I might have taxes taken out as if I were a single person and not a woman with a gazillion dependents. Ouch.

And if I do get paid this week, there's the chance that I will be getting paid $100+ less than I should 'cause the university switched over to a system that has records from 2004 on and I worked 2003 and back, so my pay rate is based on someone who has never taught and I've taught plenty.

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Anonymous said...

Wait . . . are you sure you don't have my life by mistake? Sounds like my kinda train wreck LOL

It will get better pretty *HUG* Faith manages.