Friday, September 03, 2010

White People!

I shouldn't do it, you know, read the comments following online stories that have to do with black people. Heidi and Seal. The POTUS.

In Washington, a lady had acid thrown in her face. The story mentioned that the police were looking for a black woman and all the crazies and racists and such came crawling -- no, not crawling, they were a more rabid bunch, so "crawling" is the wrong word--they slithered, closer maybe ('cause well their rhetoric is so much like the original serpent Satan)
anyway some white people are just plain (when I was first typing that, it came out Palin-- ha! Freudian slip?) ignorant.

ESPECIALLY when they say:

Blacks should go back to Africa. Learn some history, stupid. Many did, many tried. Civil War costs ended a program doing such. Had I been there, I certainly would have got my return ticket. But after a certain point, like when white men were raping African women and impregnating them, people could no longer claim to be African. They were part white ( like the POTUS!!!) And like Frederick Douglass, who balked at Lincoln's plan to send all blacks, somewhere anywhere, I think when you're born in America, you're American. And they come in all colors-- get over it.

Blacks are all criminals. Generalizations aren't very arguable. Like "White people are all . . . "

One of my favorite: This is our country. HA! 'Cause you stole it fair and square??????

And another favorite: We built this country. BULLSH*T. We built this country. Most of y'all stood around, oh, I mean "supervised."

I really need to not read those comments. They get me all riled up.

And don't get me wrong. . . 'cause some of my best friends (hey, even my kids, in part) are white. . .

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Anonymous said...

Thing is, it's not about race. It's ignorance, and stupidity, and laziness of the intellect. It's people who don't bother to become educated or have an independent thought, or to develop any character. And it's as wrong as an Al Quaeda beheading or a Klan cross burning.
I am just sorry that it happens in the world that you and I live in. Do what you can. Be better. Be better than them.
And keep moving forward.