Wednesday, September 29, 2010

moving and not

Have moved most links over to the writing blog. At least they're gone from here.

The realtor handling the house I'm in love with has been sick. I had left my deposit with someone in the office and she called to say she got it, now getting the paperwork done is phone tag and then some. So Friday will not be a moving day. And that's okay. Would be actually better if I can move in on the 15th 'cause that means I can use tomorrow's check for more things for the house. And some heels. And some bills. And more books. I didn't join/rejoin Book of the Month Club, Literary Guild, Doubleday, Black Expressions and One Spirit for nothing!

We'll just have to see.

Truly not much going on in my life. Ended up buying two cars-- curious how that happened. A Nissan Altima and a Nissan Sentra. I'll explain and post some pics later.

I am really, really tired. So much, so fast. I need a rest. A three-day weekend? Right around the corner. Nope. I've got orientation for the tutoring position Saturday.

I have to decide how much tutoring I want to do and with how many children before then. And I need to go down to the school district office and get fingerprinted/arrange for a background check.

I had to go to work a few Saturdays ago. 7:30 in the morning but there was a hot breakfast and I was bad and had several pieces of bacon which isn't good for my blood pressure but I justified it 'cause I was up so early for this workshop which is where I met this man who I mentioned before who told me something, gave me a tool to use and it's made a difference in how I see things, approach things. I know something's changed 'cause some things in my physical world are changing.

Life is fast right now. But it's good. I still need a nap though.

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