Friday, October 07, 2005

Another GRAND morning

I don't do mornings so I love it when they start off exceptionally well and today's has.

I feel a little guilty -- should anyone be as happy as I am today? Well, actually everyone should. I wish that 'cause it's such an exquisite feeling. I'm all giddy and at peace and joyous to boot!

With good reason. I've worked hard for certain things in my life and now I'm receiving my reward, reaping what I've sown, getting my just desserts and it's all so very delicious.

Got my invite to read at the city library as part of the reading series sponsored by a local writers group called Sin Fronteras/Writers Without Borders. And they're gonna pay me!!!!!
Kudos to the wonderful Susan Diplacido for her computer help. I feel nerdy-smart.

More links to follow. I need to write now. But check out Poor Mojo's (under 'magazines') 'cause that's my story published this week.


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