Sunday, October 02, 2005

Quiet Sunday

Not much happening today. Worked. Blah:-p Not a morning person. So out of sorts, but I survived!


No bookcases this week:(
I'm working on matching cases for the living room and the den. None I need on sale.
But some kitchen things in the sale circulars, so this week I'll work on that room.


Not in the mood to do writing. I just want to take a nap. I will do that. (Damn, I am sooooooo easy.)


Actually, I'm poised to do some serious work tomorrow. This week I plan to have complete first drafts of :

Jack's Old Place

The First Time And The Very Last Time

to have these works revised and submitted:

Children On A Leash

Where I'll Be If I'm Not There

Andre's Rap

Tatters ~ A Monologue

and I'm going to print out a chapbook of stories (today, before the nap) and submit it to a contest tomorrow.


This past week I was notified that my name is being kicked around to be one of the readers for the reading series sponsored by the city library.

I also got a possible invite to read the poetry of a former professor, Keith Wilson, at a special event honoring him. That's humbling.

Not much else, so adios. Time for a siesta.

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