Thursday, October 20, 2005

My home

Goodwill is making another trip to my house on Saturday. They will pick up a desk, some lamps I really liked in the store but have great difficulty finding bulbs for ( what's a 40 watt "s" and why doesn't any store seem to have them??????) and other misc. stuff.

I like the way space is opening up in my house, and I'm looking forward to taking up that space only when necessary, and only with things I want. Like it's not necessary for a pile of NY Times to take up space in my home. Takes energy from me when I start to fret about them just sitting there. Hey, Gwendolyn, THROW them out! I need to learn to do certain things one time-- like read the newspaper and toss it, rather than save it and have to do an additional thing with it later.

I scrubbed floors yesterday. Moving to walls today.

I bought new curtains for the kitchen window and door. Wanted more plants but alas : (

Sometimes I think I'm nuts 'cause I'm actually making plans to move (not to St.Louis-- that just doesn't seem to work out no matter how many attempts). There is a metaphorical/psychological task I'm to complete and I can't leave until I do. Too much to explain but establishing a home in this place I'm at today seems to be the very key to my release.

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