Friday, October 21, 2005

Yesterday, a customer asked if I wanted to get married

'cause he says he has a son he wants to introduce me to. He said his son was a professional football player. "He's 6'3"," the man told me. 200 something pounds.

"Do you think you can handle him?" he asked.

I laughed. "I think the question is 'Can he handle me'?"

The man laughed as well. "Good answer," he said.

And Jesse next door at the UPS office brought me chocolate again. "He's always looking in the window to see if you're here," the hostess told me. "He's handsome; you should go out with him," she added.

Well, maybe if HE ever ASKS--

Something is happening. Wow.

That saying "Be careful what you ask for, because you just might get it" is true. What we ask for --AT AN UNCONSCIOUS LEVEL-- is what we generally receive. I believe that one's sense of deservedness affects the answer life gives us. I also think that one needs to be specific in one's request-- not stupidly so, though (My guy doesn't have to have a certain color eyes) but just to say "I want a man in my life" opens the door to any man AND I"VE BEEN THERE.

I'm asking for a mate-- not a soulmate as popular culture proposes; I believe that many, male and female, can touch and expand us on a soul level and I don't believe in past lives, but a man courageous enough to step out on a path and walk with me; a man truly willing to create love, an enchanted love, and not some facsimile of.

For him to materialize I need to know the qualities I want him to have. What's non-negotiable. So I'll have to do some thinking on this.

The task first, though, is to change my passwords-- they're all the name of past boyfriends! Time to let go/say goodbye--and equally as important, 'thank you' --to some guys so there's a clear path for THE guy.


Anonymous said...

I just happened onto your blog. And I read the last two posts and I'm going to spew my opinion - please feel free to ignore it but its said with all honesty. If you are interested or attracted to a guy call him or ask him out. If you want something to happen in your life make it happen yourself. This is healthy approach to life and I'm sure you do this in other areas as well and so you can see that this is a natural out growth of yourself. If you are hungry you feed yourself, if you need a job you look for one, if you need help with something you ask people to help you. You don't sit in your house with the plumbing leaking and wait until a plumber knocks on your door to get it fixed.


GJM said...

But if I ask a man out, I'm acting from my masculine side. Doing so means he has to respond from his feminine side. I don't want that.

It's not stereotyping, but men are the doers.

I can and do do LOTS for myself, but I don't believe this approach works in the world of relationships.