Thursday, October 06, 2005

Yesterday's Post

which couldn't be posted 'cause there was some maintenance being done.


Yesterday's heading: A Wonderful Thing

Michael Bolton said love was and that's true, but I'm finding organization is truly wonderful! Things where they're supposed to be-- WOW, what a concept. Makes life a lot simpler and easier.

Okay, yes, roll your eyes and snicker at me, if you will, but this is HUGE for me. A place for everything and everything in its place-- yeah, I understand the deeper meaning of that now. Its about boundaries. Imagine that.

Part of it is that I bought a book about the spiritual cleansing that comes about from housework. Really. It was one of those books that was calling to me. So I got it and now I've "got it" and I'm glad.


A last standing ovation for Mr. August Wilson. And a "thank you" for everything he brought to the stage and to our culture. Author. Author.


No, I didn't need another stuffed teddy bear, but I couldn't resist! His eyes were just begging me to take him home. Let's say it was a present to myself for being "good" and working diligiently. (ha ha) Whatever. Damn it, he was too cute to leave behind.

A solicitation for a fiction work. I always thought I'd love it when magazines would ask me for stories. Unfortunately, I'm still working [diligiently;-) } on what I think are going to be my best stories. I would need about 6 fiction works and two different submissions of poetry to meet the requests I've received this year. Oh, my ego loves being wanted --now if I could only get the work done and get the byline.


I thought I was going to have to quit my job, but I don't. I wanted to cut my hours so I could get my teddy bear business up and to write with the intent of making money at it, but that didn't seem it would happen, but it worked out!


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