Sunday, October 16, 2005

Up and at 'em

Enjoyed my doing nothing day. It's great to be lazy sometimes. Two things I did do: I cooked for my children [ I was gonna order chinese delivery;-)] and I organized all of the pamphlets, newpaper clippings, misc. stuff I've picked up, thinking I might find a story there. Bought underbed storage boxes to put them in-- I even organized the material according to general subject in file folders.

A magnet I want says "I am organized-- everything is in one pile!" and that's how I've been operating."Clutter is a sign of genius" hangs on my bulletin board, but that's a lie. Clutter is disorganization and disorganization is a time-waster. So I'm really pushing the organized thing.

For so long, I've been writing out of chaos. But I'm thinking if I'm good now, couldn't I achieve some greatness if I worked from another place?

I imagine I'm (and have been for too long) like a plant that refuses to die but can't grow because the condtions that would nurture it aren't completely there. But if I got some sunlight, some pruning and regular waterings, then I'd get healthy and thrive.

So that's what I'm stretching for. The light. And only I can give myself that and I'm gonna.

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